Wow has it been three months, I’ve been inundated with work and have to say my blog has suffered because of it. In summary over the last three months I have…

  1. Produced the final version of our Excel reporting tool
  2. Begun the evaluation of reporting tools
    1. Tableau
    2. Power BI
  3. Completed Tool Evaluation (it wasn’t actually that difficult, quite a major differentiator between the tools)
  4. Oh yeah and run 69 miles – I know I’m such a child, that really was a lesson though. I learned that sometime childish jokes can be oh so painful

Confirmation of selection is now what I’m after, with that I can start to really enjoy the implementation phase.

CSI is still the thing that most organisations I meet and speak with are bothered by. CSI (Continual Service Improvement) or Kaizen is not about everything you do actually being better. It is about understanding the difference and then selecting the most suitable, so gradually you tweak performance and delivery. For example – this is so British – when you make a cup of tea should you put the milk in first or last – one does not take sugar with one’s tea? It would surprise many to hear that there is a chemical difference so a subtle flavour difference. The reality is in this case its pesonal preference, but in the quest to find “Your [personal] favourite cup of tea” you have to try both, then select the way you like more. The order you try them is not relevant the relevance is the comparison.That is just the same as “If we do step x this way or step x that way which is best?”

The whole idea that bad can be good blows senior execs minds. They just cannot accept it, but really it makes perfect sense. That’s the other side of my job anyway. I hope you can now see why I spend so much time with reporting – hiding under a desk – its because I in order to know if A or B is best we have to be able to compare and that means report on the two states.