With the 2.0 version I redesigned everything, the Ticket tracking is now a robust and complex workhorse. With it anyone (even senior mangers – unfortunately) are able to crunch numbers like pros. The truth about this and of course the bit that I’m really interested, Problem Management and Continual Service Improvement is the those insights that you stumble upon are often the most critical.

I’m reminded of the story of the truck stuck in the Brooklyn Tunnel – I don’t know if it’s true but never let that get in the way of a good story – anyway this truck was wedged into the tunnel and the Fire Brigade were there, the police, highway’s etc… all with different ideas about how to “fix” the problem. A little girl happened to be going past in her parents car and wondered why they hadn’t just let the tires down on the truck to unstick it? Right or wrong fact or fiction the sentiment is true, often those left field solutions have merit and and having a tool that allows you to test a hypothesis and see if it is historically true before making the change and then running for a limited period and assessing if the hypothesis is true of false is incredibly powerful. We have the capability now to answer any question “The manager at the <insert name here> office says his site gets terrible service, is that true?” or “Does it take longer to get equipment in <insert country name>?” Now we can do all that and most importantly we can do all that without having to engage BI resources. It was PowerPivot.com – Avi I think – who put it in ways that I really embrace now. In fact it’s even now part of my Personal Development at work. BI is something for everyone now, it’s not about me controlling and dictating access, it’s about me bringing people into the tooling and working with them to help them access as much as they need to understand everything that is happening within their Service, Site, Division, country, front room?

Three months in and I’m so far loving it, many of the old CMDB development rules are true in PowerPivot (I may have to write them down again in another post). The journey continues….