As you may or may not know my passion is in Data Management primarily within the IT Service Management – a field that I have worked extensively in for the last 15 years. I have spent the last three of those years working primarily within a Cherwell organisation, throughout this time I have worked to understand and appreciate the business drivers of reporting and Data Analysis finally as part of a service review I have been able to express and articulate the vision of a three dimensional Service Catalogue that works to maximise value at all levels. The mesh structure of the catalogue is handled transparently in the background while the customer and workers do not need to be aware. The reporting layer for this is phenomenal and suddenly the Service Catalogue is becoming an asset as opposed to something you have to try to get value out of. This will reinvent the way we work and how we deliver products and services.

Excitingly we are now also going to be adding service cart functionality another huge step forward for customers and a giant leap for reporting. All delivered with Power BI and a great reporting team.

I’ll be speaking about our work and the development on Wednesday 18-Apr-2018 and I hope to see you all there!