Well, it feels like it’s been about six months since my last post and that’s probably because it has been. I’ve been a little tied up in the world of Service Improvement, Visualisation and Big Data. Over the next year, I have a lot of new tasks to complete in my day job and will use this blog to talk about them and to show my learnings and hopefully give you all some insights into what I am doing to use big data to empower deeper analysis and so drive higher quality improvements. Remember I exist in a world where pretty pictures are just that, what I have to do is to show how we can leverage our data to extrapolate a future and then change process and demonstrate validity.

Knowing what we did isn’t good enough, we have to improve tomorrow!

In the last six months, I’ve gone through a number of changes with the day job. These changes will have an impact on my work although most of those changes will be in the scope of my work rather than in the end purpose.

I have been moved by my employer from an IT Delivery Team to a Data Analytics Team, as part of that I am also having to expand my tool usage from Power BI and the Microsoft Stack to now include Tableau Desktop and now Server (with subscriptions). It’s been an eye-opening few months for me and I’ve seen a great deal. What I’ve found really interesting is that Business Intelligence/Data Analytics are following the same trends that are being seen across the global IT market. Look out for more on this in the coming weeks.

Areas for the next year

  1. Machine Learning (and Python)
    I’m really trying to learn this and hope that my role will enable me to look more at using Machine Learning within Azure to better leverage the power of Analytics. As I progress I’ll try to share this with you as well as my notes and any material I find.
  2. Azure Big Data
    We’re going to be using these tools, I want to explore them and give my feedback on them. This will of course by my personal views and should you track me down and find out who I work for please remember my views are my own and do not represent those of the company I work for.
  3. Power BI and Tableau visualisations
    I hope to share tips, tricks, experiences and general thoughts on the tools I use

If you want my views or opinions on anything else please, comment although please note I seem to be being flooded with Spam in the comments – got to love the modern internet – so if I miss something email may help.