_20160621_001133I have been working in the IT sector for nearly 20 years, over that time I have held a number of roles from first line support to third line support as well as doing consultancy and system design through to implementation. In my current role (life) I build and manage our internal reporting solutions with a goal of using them to drive and track improvements. In 2015 I was part of a major ITSM upgrade/replacement project. We moved from Symantec ServiceDesk 7.1 – Cherwell ITSM 5x, during the course of this project I was heavily involved not just in the overall project but also in driving the delivery of Problem Management and – its often forgotten bedfellow – Knowledge Management.

My real passion – yes I am that sad – is Problem Management, in terms of what Problem Management can bring to a business this is a real game changer process. The kick in the teeth of Problem Management and where many businesses fail in it’s implementation is because they think it is new and as such needs to be completely resourced…. STOP this is turning into a post! My passion for solutions and the enjoyment of finding a solution is really what draws me to Problem Management. The logical side of my brain also likes to be able to prove the impact of what has been done. That brings me to the title of this blog. BI 4 CSI or Business Intelligence for Continual Service Improvement.

I believe there are three reasons that drive any business change – I’m happy to debate this – Compliance, Sustainability and Improvement, once you understand that you can more easily focus on what you are trying to change and more importantly why. No company has the resources to make all the changes they want. Business Intelligence (BI) helps highlight and scope the need for change from the mundane “The network at site Alpha is over 80% capacity and needs to be upgraded” to the more critical “Do we have a vulnerability to a new exploit?”

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